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Facebook security issues continue with 1.5 Million users email uploaded inadvertently

Privacy concerns related to Facebook, the popular social networking platform has surfaced yet again. As per reports, email contacts acquired from 1.5 Million users have evidently been uploaded to this website without actually obtaining their knowledge or permission. This glitch occurred in the new account page in which the users were needed to enter their respective email password. This evidently allowed the bug access to complete contact list for users over the Facebook platform.

Facebook has now promised that it will delete all the email and contact information along with rendering information to the affected users. As stated by a Facebook spokesperson, the social networking website has now fixed this underlying issue along with notifications provided to the people who were in the imported contact list. People can either manage or review the contact details they share on Facebook with the use of the settings option.

This particular news only added to an already sordid record for privacy showcased by this tech giant in the past. Security breaches and political manipulation breaches affection 30 Million+ users have already initiated the plummeting of user confidence. This problem drives attention to concerning perspective from major technology corporations with regards to the users. With the user data being one among the important source of profits and massive income, the users become massively commoditized. This pours in some increasing temptation for the companies with regards to using for private data in terms of corporate growth which is very disturbing for many users.

Given the fact that Facebook is a highly centralized website, the user base it flaunts has very little or simply no say at all with regards to such policies. Not just that, given the current requirements for admission, a major chunk of these data breaches stem from users that are completely unaware.

Now, Facebook surely has promised that it will delete all this data. However, the actual answer to this could actually be very systemic. The only factor that can truly change this trajectory for such websites is to shift from the corporate control towards enhanced user control. Today, blockchain technology has found a place in the privacy and data control sector. It offers the users peer-to-peer control in terms of social connections that would bring down the corporate profit. However, it will surely increase the privacy. With blockchain, the data shall no longer be held by centralized corporations as data protection becomes an effort pitched in by the community.

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