He-Ne Laser Market – A Complete Overview of Market Segments and the Regional Outlook of Waveboard Industry

He-Ne laser is commonly is one of the type of atomic laser that consist of two gases which do not interact form a molecules. The He-Ne laser is typically used type of continuously operating gas laser that emits red light at 632.8 nm with excellent beam quality at a low power level. This laser mainly constitutes three components, such as a pump or an energy source, gain medium and optical resonator. The energy source generate energy which is improved by the gain medium. This amplified energy is converted into light and is reflected with the help of optical resonator and finally optical resonator emits the final output beam. The energy can be provided by high voltage electrical discharge passed through the gas between electrodes such as cathode and anode within the tube.

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The gain medium of He-Ne laser is made up of a sealed glass tube, that contain a concentration of helium and neon gases at low pressure with some certain concentration ratio of about 5:1 to 20:1. The commercial He-Ne laser is relatively small device, among other type of gas lasers, having tube lengths generally ranging from 15 cm to 0.5 meter. The remaining component which is optical resonator is functioning due to a series of mirrors. The optical resonator of the He-Ne laser consists of a high reflecting & flat type mirror and output coupler mirror which is concave in nature at both end of the laser.

When voltage is applied from the power supply, the energy source generate electrical current with the help of electrodes which is connected to the gas tube from inside. As current supply, the helium atoms present in glass tube get excited into a metastable state. Further, the collision of helium atom with neon atoms results in exciting the neon atoms which further results in radiation of photonic energy at 632.8 nm wavelength. The generated energy is reflected back and forth through the laser by two mirrors constructed in laser. Each time the beam is reflected it strengthens in intensity. Reflection of a radiations through both the mirrors results in single continuous, focused beam.

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The He-Ne laser have very simple construction design, hence design complexity is less which directly results in low cost production. This is one of the driver for He-Ne laser market. Also, this types of lasers are having long operating life of ~ 20,000 hours, owing to its robust design and development. Also, they provides good coherent property and stable central wavelength which results in accurate measurements and low noise. Further, it provide inherent safety due to low power output. These numerous advantages of this laser driving the He-Ne laser market during forecast period.

However, He-Ne laser take long time to warm up due to its low power output feature. Further in this laser type, two wavelength of laser lights has to suppress to obtain single wavelength laser light, which is done by using various methods and devices. Hence, for this extra technical skills and large cast may require. Furthermore, He-Ne lasers uses very high voltages (above 1500 V). Such high voltages create certain risks for equipment and people around. These are some of the challenging factors associated with the He-Ne laser market.

He-Ne laser market can be segmented by gas ratio, application, and geography. On the basis of helium-neon gas ratio, the He-Ne laser market can be segmented into 5:1-8:1, 8:1-15:1, 15:1-20:1, and others. Among these, 8:1 ratio is considered as average gas concentration of helium and neon. Based on application, the He-Ne laser market can be segregated into military use, industrial use, scientific use, commercial use. In terms of geography, the He-Ne laser market can be divided into North America, Europe, South America, Middle East & Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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