Safety Couplings Market with Growing Top Competitor and Insight Inflation 2027

A coupling is a device that connect two shafts at their ends for transmitting power. In designing of safety coupler, various safety factors are considered by safety coupler designer, such as calculation of stress value based on material property to eliminate the flaws which may lead to accident. Similarly, few other properties of material such as ultimate strength, modulus, and fatigue strength are calculated as a safety factor. Safety couplings are also known as torque limiters. Safety couplings are widely used in industrial servo machines for effective functioning and smooth operation of the machinery. Few other advantages for increasing use of safety coupling in industrial servo machines are the easy installation, and durable finish. Safety couplings are used in industrial automation process to reduce the high cost damage at the time of collision in servo driver system. Safety couplings are used in various industries namely chemical industry, metallurgical industry, mining, and industrial automation.

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Safety Couplings Market – Competitive Landscape

Jakob Antriebstechnik

Jakob Antriebstechnik is headquartered in Kleinwallstadt, Germany. The company engaged in the manufacturing of industrial instruments and related products for displaying, measuring, and transmitting public service utilities. The company provide SKY-KS series safety couplings which has compact dimensions, low moment of inertia, and multi shaft metal bellows to protect equipment from costly damage. The company has around 45 employees.

Malmedie Antriebstechnik GmbH

Founded in 1873, Malmedie is headquartered in Solingen, Germany. The company develops, manufactures, and sells safety couplings, drum couplings, and gear couplings for mining industry, steel industry, crane industry, and general heavy equipment applications. In May 2019, the company developed a self-resetting device for safety couplings that works mechanically without the requirement of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

R+W Antriebselemente GmbH

Founded in 1990, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH is headquartered in Klingenberg am Main, Germany. The company manufactures couplings and line shafts. The company provides safety couplings, miniature couplings, bellows couplings, linear couplings, elastomers coupling, and line shafts. In December 2018, the company has developed an XXL safety coupling for use in wind energy test facility to protect machine components from overload damage.

KTR Systems GmbH

KTR Systems GmbH is headquartered in Rheine, Germany. The company manufactures and supplies couplings, safety couplings, clamping sets, hydraulic components, torque measuring systems, and brake systems. The company has subsidiaries in over 24 countries and seven manufacturing plants in the US, Russia, Brazil, Poland, India, China, and Taiwan.

Some of the key players operating in the global safety couplings market with significant developments include Jakob Antriebstechnik, Malmedie Antriebstechnik GmbH, R+W Antriebselemente GmbH, KBK Antriebstechnik GmbH, RENK Aktiengesellschaft, KTR Systems GmbH, GAM, NITO A/S, and Pneumatic Components Limited among others.

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Safety Couplings Market – Dynamics

One of the major driving factors for the growth of global safety couplings market is increasing use of safety couplings in mining applications. In mining applications, safety couplings are used to avoid machine damage due to overload, which leads to cost saving, increases production uptime and reduces production loss to boost the profit. Also, the use of safety couplings contribute to increase the lifespan of the machinery by avoiding overload case and provide a backlash free connection. In mining applications such as crushing, grinding, conveying, tunneling, and excavation safety couplings are being used as it helps to reduce downtime and provide improved performance by eliminating rapid torque peaks.

During mining process when collision occurs with solid rock layers, the safety coupling stops the destructive inertial force instantly to reduce downtime and protects the couplings from damage. In tunneling process, high drilling speed causes torque peaks, wherein the use of safety couplings eliminates rapid torque peaks to increase the lifespan of the machine. Moreover, with technological advancement the safety couplings are available in compact design to optimize the process control applications. Owing to above mentioned benefits safety couplings are increasingly used in mining application. Hence, increase in excavation, tunneling, and crushing activity in various industry is anticipate to boost the demand of safety coupling during forecast period.

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