Automated Coating Inspection Systems Market Revenue Details ,Key Developments, Footprint And Forecast 2019-2026

Automatic coating inspection (AOI) system is used to protect coatings from corrosion of marine and offshore structures. Usually, coating breakdown and corrosion (CBC) assessment is considered a major parameter of coating failure management. Automatic coating inspection has proved beneficial for conformal coating (defined as a polymeric, thin, transparent coating) applied to the surface of a printed circuit assembly to deliver protection from the end-user environment. It is a quick process with minimum programming. A known good board is used to learn the non-coverage and coverage areas. Automated inspection usually takes not more than few seconds, with inspection results displayed instantaneously. These results can be stored and reviewed offline at any time.

Automated coating inspection system has a number of features to control and monitor the process and to offer traceability, such as, viscosity control, fan width control flow monitoring, and a vision system. Information can be exchanged with manufacturing execution systems and customer-specific factory information systems to ensure factory production workflow. Industries such as marine, manufacturing, automotive, oil & gas, etc. are rapidly adopting automated coating inspection system.

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Rise in demand for automated coating inspection system in the oil & gas industry is the key driver of the growth of the automated coating inspection systems market. This can be ascribed to the rise in trend of industrial automation across the globe, particularly in the Middle East. Process instrumentation and automation related technologies are expected to be highly adopted in the oil & gas industry in the near future, thereby, increasing the demand for automated coating inspection system.

With rise in demand for oil and gas in the near future, demand for advanced technologies is likely to increase, with a view to overcome usage of non-conventional and conventional resources. Besides, rise in demand for upgrading existing oil & gas platforms is expected to boost the process instrumentation and automation industry during the forecast period. Furthermore, rising importance of safety and security is considered a major factor driving the demand for automated coating inspection system, which can also be used in offshore industries in the near future.

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However, oil & gas technologies are anticipated to be highly expensive in the next few years due to introduction of hostile and hard-to-reach environments. Nevertheless, focus on innovation and rise in investment in research and development activities are expected to boost the demand for offshore structural analysis software in the oil & gas industry. There are certain technical difficulties faced while using the automated coating inspection system. Vendors are conducting tests and developing solutions in order to overcome such challenges.

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