Metal Cans Market to Reach a Valuation of US$51.6 Bn By 2019

With technological advancements, innovative product patterns, expanding application market and rise in food and beverage production in emerging markets, there has been a rapid growth in the metal cans market. Increasing demand for canned food and beverages on account of changing lifestyle and rise in disposable income of consumers is one of the primary factors driving the market. In addition, growing demand for deodorants, hairsprays and pharmaceuticals in aerosol cans is augmenting the demand for metals cans. Furthermore, high recycling and recovery rate of metal cans is expected to be another significant driver for the market as more and more consumers are becoming increasingly aware regarding environment protection.

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However, volatility in the prices of steel and aluminum are expected to hamper the growth of the market. In addition, increasing demand for packaging materials other than metals such as plastics and paper is expected to restrain the growth of the market over the next few years. Technological advancement and innovation has led to development of easy open lids, superior graphical designs on the cans and availability of self-heating cans. Furthermore, initiatives are being undertaken by several metal can manufacturers to develop eco-friendly cans and improve the rate of recycling. These factors are expected to open new opportunities for the growth of the market in the near future.

Metal cans demand was highest in the beverages product segment in 2012 and accounted for over 70% of the market. Growing demand for beverages and increasing use of metal cans in their packaging due to its various advantages such as prolonged coolness of the drink and excellent barrier from ultraviolet rays and bacterial contamination is expected to boost the demand for metal cans in beverages. Demand for metal cans for packaging of beverages is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the market within the forecast period due to the above mentioned factors.

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