Microbial Protein Production Services Market Detail Analysis Focusing On Application, Types And Regional Outlook

Protein expression, purification and large scale production is achieved by manipulation in the gene expression process of an organism such that it is able to express large amounts of a recombinant gene. It is not a trivial task and faces a huge competition in the market because of the fragmented scenario over the globe.

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Fermenters and bioreactors with different expression system capabilities, purity options, quality control and the production timeline differentiate various services available in the market. Various organizations have developed their own in-house methods of production and purification. Bacterial and yeast systems are mostly used in case of microbial protein production process because of simple physiology, short generation times and high yield of product, both having their own advantages and disadvantages. Among bacterial, E. coli has been most widely used for recombinant protein expression and production. Clients can use the service for the manufacture of either the regular proteins whose gene sequence is available in the public domain or can manufacture its customized gene expression

Producing recombinant proteins is often the limiting and most expensive step in life science research. Expression yield of recombinant proteins vary by orders of magnitudes from protein to protein reflecting the difference in the cost of production process. These services are more preferred due to the increasing customization in the genetic sequences. Microbial protein production services also involves the use of various types of tags for purification purposes such as FLAG-tag, His-tag, Fc-fusion tag, GST-tag, Myc-tag, HA-tag, MBP-tag and others.

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Microbial Protein Production Services Market: Drivers & Restraints

Increase in the number of applications of microbial proteins such as the increasing enzymatic applications and their requirement in various industries, increase in the production of bio-pharmaceuticals like monoclonal antibodies, hepatitis B vaccine and HPV vaccine are increasing the need of microbial protein production services to meet the demand. Recent advances in proteomics and rapid growth in protein drug market also constantly increasing the market of pure and active proteins. Increasing number of CROs also fuels the services market.

One of the limiting factor for the growth is not possessing the same capability as eukaryotic cells for protein glycosylation and other post-translational modifications and thus limits its applications. Increasing regulatory pressure on CROs, high cost involved, lack of skilled manpopwer, infrastructure and skilled expertise may also restricts the growth.

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