Backend As A Service (Baas) Market- Increasing Number Of Application Developers And Users Across The Globe

Backend as a Service, or BaaS as it is commonly called, is a model that allows developers of web as well as mobile applications to not only store their applications to a backend cloud infrastructure but also link them back to the cloud. Emerging as an intermediary between Platform as a Service (PaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), BaaS differs from these three in the sense that it uses personalized APIs (application program interface) and SDKs (software development kits) to provide a multitude of value-added features.
BaaS chiefly includes three computing platforms, namely tablet, mobile, and web. While key end users of BaaS include home office or small offices, small and medium businesses, and large enterprises, BaaS can be applied in numerous verticals such as enterprise applications, entertainment applications, and various other mobile applications. The research report offers comprehensive information on aspects such as business models, revenue structure and earnings, worldwide trends, technology roadmaps, as well as adoption factors with respect to these end-user and application segments.
Studying the immense potential that BaaS holds in today’s digital age, the report identifies the many factors that govern the growth of this market. The drivers, bottlenecks, trends, and opportunities impacting the BaaS market are highlighted and evaluated at length, providing sharp insights and strategic recommendations.
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Overview of the BaaS market 
The report indicates that there have been numerous partnerships, ventures, investments, mergers, and acquisitions in the BaaS market with the aim of acquiring maximum leadership and share of the market as well as the technology. This is one of the most prominent factors boosting the BaaS market. Other key driving factors include growing adoption of smartphones and mobile devices, increasing number of application developers and users across the globe, and urgent need for developing and deploying apps at a rapid pace. The trend of Bring Your Own Device or BOYD is picking up pace and BaaS providers have been investing huge amounts of capital into developing this trend.

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