Feeding Systems Market- Rise in Efficiency Of The Systems Ultimately Leading To An Increase In Overall Milk Production.

A feeding system refers to that feeds or delivers the required material by an entity which can include a machine system or even an animal when considered in context of dairy. In the context of dairy, a feeding system is the one which delivers the necessary nutrients to the cattle so that the cattle yields maximum amount of milk thereby leading to an overall increase in the production of milk. The nutrients delivered by the feeding systems include grains, minerals, proteins, and forages, among others. These nutrients can be delivered individually or in various combinations.

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Feeding is a major cost contributor in dairy farms. It amounts to more than half the total cost. Feeding the right amount of feed at right time integral to obtain maximum production of milk. There are three types of nutritional management systems that are used in dairy production to feed cows to obtain more milk. This includes confinement systems with totally mixed rations (TMR), pasture-based systems, and confinement systems in which concentrates and forages are fed separately. Continuous monitoring of the dry matter content in the feed is important in the TMR system, as the diet is formed based on the nutrient concentration in the overall feed. Hence, there should be appropriate concentration to ensure the intended nutritional value in the diet. The confinement systems in which contents are fed separately from forages are widely used across the globe. In this system the concentration of various material in the feed can be adjusted according to the needs of an individual cow. In the pasture-based systems, there is an optimum use of forages and hence, this system requires intensive monitoring and management of pasture for optimal dry matter and nutrient yield. The ongoing trend visible in this market is the adoption of advanced technologies increasing automation of the feeding systems is leading to the rise in efficiency of the systems ultimately leading to an increase in overall milk production.

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