Bromelain Market : Present Scenario and the Growth Prospects with Forecast 2025

Bromelain is a special enzyme found in pineapple. The popularity of these enzyme is increasing among the people in recent years. This is mainly because of the several health benefits it offers to the people. Some of them are relieve from sinus problems, inflammation cure, and improve digestion.

An upcoming Transparency Market Research report on the bromelain market promises to cover all essential details that could help bolster growth in the future. The report covers key trends, challenges, geographical distribution, and the competitive landscape of the global bromelain market.

On 24 April 19, CDN (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) released a study in collaboration with National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) between years 2013 to 2015. The study says bromelain has several anti-inflammatory properties that could help in prevention of arthritis. This is expected to increase demand for bromelain in the coming years.

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Key players in the bromelain market are expected to increase investment in research and development of high quality bromelain. This can be related with the fact that Oeyama-Moto Cancer Research Foundation, a market player is ramping its investments to analyze contribution of bromelain & Comosain to cure cancer in humans.

Some of the key players operating in the bromelain market are Enzybel International SA Hong Mao Biochemicals Co., Ltd, Nanning Pangbo Biological Engineering Co., Ltd, Great Food Group of Companies Enzyme Technology (PTY) Ltd, Guangxi Nanning Javely Biological Products Co., Ltd and Nanning Doing-Higher Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.

The global bromelain market is expected to rise at a significant pace in the coming years. This is mainly because of the increasing awareness of people regarding several health benefits of bromelain.

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Bromelain is helpful in curing several desirable properties such as Relieving sinusitis, Treating osteoarthritis, Anti-inflammatory effects, anticancer effects, Enhancing digestion and weight loss. Owing to this, people are increasing consumption of broemelain rich product in their diet. This is expected to increase demand of bromelain and offer a substantial push to the market growth.

To tap several opportunities in the market, key players in food and beverage market are introducing bromelain rich products. This is another factor expected to fuel growth of the global bromelain market during the forecast period.

On the flipside, however, limited awareness about the benefits of bromelain in emerging economies is one factor expected to obstruct widespread adoption of the enzyme. This is expected to hamper growth in the global bromelain market.

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