Hydrogenated Fat Market Dynamics Influencing Revenue Growth 2019 – 2028

Over the last decade, hydrogenated fat has widely discussed the topic among the scientific communities, consumer organizations and regulatory authorities. Hydrogenated fat is a type of unsaturated fatty acid which is very common among the food manufacturers owing to its benefits over the vegetable oil in various food products. Hydrogenated fats are formed by the process of hydrogenation, chemical process to convert liquid vegetable oils are into solid or semi-solid fats. In the global food and beverages industry, the demand for hydrogenated fats has gained significant rise over the years owing to their advantages in enhancing physical properties such as increasing shelf-life and flavor stability of processed food products. Hydrogenated fats are widely used in vegetable fats, snacks, margarine, industrial baked foods, biscuits, popcorn, frozen ready-to-eat foods, and similar products.

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Flavor inspiration and food products with enhanced organoleptic properties have fuelled the demand for hydrogenated fat among the food manufacturers. In the hydrogenated food and beverages market, Europe and North America hold the major share in production and consumption of hydrogenated fat owing to the presence of major food companies in the region. In addition, their attractive marketing strategic plan and promotional activities in the region have created enough awareness about the hydrogenated fat among the consumers. With the increasing application for hydrogenated fat in the food industry is expected to flourish the demand of hydrogenated fat in the coming years.

Rising Demand for Hydrogenated fat in Food Industry

Hectic life schedule has created a rapid boom in the convenient and packaged food product industry. Flavor and shelf life of the packaged food products is one the major concern among the food manufacturers which has created enough space for the growth of the hydrogenated fat market. Hydrogenated fat aids in increasing the shelf life of the food products and also prevent flavor deterioration. Urbanization and increasing working women population are also one of the major driving factors in the growth of ready-to-eat food products among the consumers. The time constraint among the population put a deep impact on their perception to opt packaged food products, henceforth increasing the demand for hydrogenated fats. The incorporation of hydrogenated fat in the food products has replaced the application of saturated animal fats with vegetable oils and fats (now turned solid from the liquid form), thus reducing the cost of food products and help in achieving desirable final product characteristics. However, it is proven in various scientific studies that hydrogenated fat produced by the hydrogenation process is found to be detrimental to health, especially to the cardiovascular system, then saturated animal fats. Adverse health consequences of hydrogenated fat are one the major factor which is restraining the growth of the hydrogenated fat market. Regulatory authorities and manufacturers in the food industries are intensively working to overcome the restraint and it can be expected that it can be overcome in the coming future.

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Global Hydrogenated fat: Key Players

Few major players operating their business in the global hydrogenated fat market are Fediol, Palsgaard, Agrotech Foods Ltd., Adani Wilmar Ltd., Bunge India Pvt. Ltd., Cargill Inc. and others. Many other players are showing their keen interest to bring hydrogenated fat in their production line.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

The demand for ready-to-eat food products with great flavors is one of the topmost priority of consumers, due to which the hydrogenated fat demand is booming in the food industry. Urbanization and increased working women in the Asia Pacific is creating a huge opportunity for the food manufacturers to introduce their food products in the developing market. Apart from all the above-mentioned factors, increasing demand for convenient food products over the globe is expected to boost the growth of hydrogenated fat over the forecast period.

Global Hydrogenated fat Market: Segmentation

On the basis of type, the global hydrogenated fat market is segmented as

  • Fully Hydrogenated fat
  • Partially Hydrogenated fat

On the basis of End Use, the global hydrogenated fat market is segmented as

  • Food Industry
    • Bakery and Confectionery
    • Snack food
    • Ready-to-eat food products
    • Meat/Fish/Seafood
    • Soups and Sauces
    • Dairy Products
    • Seasoning and Dressing
    • Others
  • Cosmetics and Personal care industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Others

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