Military Marine Engine Market Analysis, Growth, Trends, Forecast by 2025

The military forces across the globe uses naval ships for a wide range of applications, which requires different engines for different purpose. The most widely used marine engines are gas turbine engines and outboard motors for the fast moving ships while two strokes or four strokes engines are also used in relatively slow moving ships. The icebreakers or warships are propelled by the steam produced from nuclear reactors and electric motors are also used to propel submarines or electric boats for energy efficient propulsion. Recently developed, liquefied natural gas fuelled engines are being adopted rapidly, due to their advantages of low cost and low emission.

The rise in use of military naval ships is increasing the demand for military marine engines which is driving the market for the same. The various types of military naval ships includes aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates, and cruisers among others uses different engines for different purposes such as gas fuelled engines, diesel fuelled engines, steam turbine engines, fuel cell engines, and nuclear propulsion engines among others. Another most prominent driving factor is the rise in low cost engines which is helping the military forces to incorporate the engines on to their ships at a reduced cost.

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The major factor acting as an inhibiting factor to the growth of the market for military marine engines is the stringent emission rules for diesel powered engines. The diesel powered engines emits harmful and toxic gases due to which the government of different regions across the globe are discontinuing the usage of the diesel power engine ships. Moreover, increase in oil prices have also impacted negatively on the marine engine market. Due to the hike in oil prices worldwide, the defense forces are facing challenges to operate sufficient number of ships which in turn is limiting the manufacturers of military marine engines to develop or new engines or modify the existing engine. The surging oil prices is hindering the market for military marine engines to grow in future.

The military marine engines market is segmented on basis on engines, fuel, application and geography. Gas fuelled engines, diesel fuelled engines, steam turbine engines, fuel cell engines, and nuclear propulsion engines are the types of military marine engines. The military marine engine uses different fuel to propel the ship which includes, heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil, marine gas oil, intermediate fuel oil, and others. The marine diesel oil is the most widely used fuel for the aircraft carriers, frigates and corvettes.

The key leaders in the market for military marine engines are Caterpillar Inc., MAN Diesel & Turbo Se, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Volvo Group, Rolls Royce, Scania AB, Cummins Inc., Daihatsu Diesel MFG. Co. Ltd., and Brunswick Corporation.

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