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Global Beacon Buoys Market to Expand on Account of Advancements in the Marine Industry

The demand within the global market for beacon buoys has been rising on account of key developments in the marine industry. Buoys and beacons are used as navigation aids in the marine industry, and play an important role in mooring of ships and vessels. Buoys are anchored to the sea bed, and they float on the surface of the sea to help sailors in helming the ships towards the right direction. Furthermore, hazards or reefs can also be indicated with the help of buoys, and hence, the utility of these floaters is tremendous. Buoys are made up of high-quality materials so that they can withstand the water currents to stay intact at their axial position.

Beacons, on the other hand, are permanently fixed to the sea bed or land, and they also come in handy during mooring ships. It is evident that buoys and beacons go hand-in-hand in the marine industry in order to ensure safe and sound navigation of ships and vessels. Some of the common types of buoys used in the marine industry include safe water marks, cardinal marks, and lateral marks; key examples of beacons are new wreck marks, isolated danger, special marks, and general marks. Owing to the utility of buoys and beacons, it is safe to prognosticate that the demand within the global market for beacon buoys would reach new heights in the years to come.

This article by Researchmoz on the global market for beacon buoys sheds light on several key factors that have aided market growth. The article is a quick rundown on the intrinsic and extrinsic standpoints pertaining to the global market.

1. Safety of Marine Operations

The marine industry is a multimillion dollar industry that harbours a tremendous number of vessels and ships. On account of the massive volume of operations within the industry, it is essential to ensure safety and security of the ships and vessels. Owing to this factor, the demand within the global market for beacon buoys has been rising at a robust rate in recent times. The markings and shapes of buoys have become more pronounced to ensure better signalling and direction, and this has also aided market growth.

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2. Navigation Signals

The past decade has witnessed several advancements in the marine industry, and in the way ships are helmed or are warned of potential dangers. The use of colours in buoys has enhanced the performance of beacon buoys which has in turn aided the growth of the global market. Furthermore, topmarks such as cylinders, crosses, spheres, cones, and X’s are also extensively used as buoys, and the effectiveness of these aids further enhances the growth prospects of the global market.

Some of the key players in the global market for beacon buoys are Mediterraneo Senales Maritimas, Woori Marine Co., Ltd., Shandong Buoy&Pipe, and Carmanah Technologies Corporation.

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