Robotic Drilling

Growing Automation to Augment Growth in Global Robotic Drilling Market

The global robotic drilling market is expected to witness a substantial growth in the near future. The market is witnessing a substantial rise in automation, mining, oil and recovery operations around the world. The growth in automation is expected to lead to substantial savings for manufacturing sector and is likely to progress the global robotic drilling market to create new avenues for growth.

On the other hand, the oil and recovery operations are expected to reduce constantly rising oil prices, thanks to instability in oil manufacturing regions. Expansion of manufacturing sector worldwide and growing initiatives by developing regions to undertake mining operations are expected to drive the global robotic drilling market in upcoming years.

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Functions of Robotic Drilling

Unmanned operations are becoming the go-to method for drilling system. Drilling systems are often deployed in potentially dangerous conditions. The growing awareness and regulations surrounding it are driving costs higher. At the same time, the automatic drilling operations are also expected to drive down costs considerably in the long run. Hence, the global robotic drilling market is expected to cater to end-users with less risk, higher efficiency, and more profitable operations.

Additionally, the products in the global robotic drilling market are also expected to automate routine procedures, provide better communication, and ultimately control for operations. The rising influx of big data services are also expected to emerge as a boon for the global robotic drilling market. The large sets of data are expected to optimize operations with better understanding of the overall operations.


  • Oil & Recovery

Based on the application, the oil & recovery applications, especially onshore applications are expected to witness major growth in the near future. The oil & gas production in Alaska, Brazil, Iran, and many other parts of the world are major positives emerging for the market. Additionally, rising demand from India and China, largely dependent on traditional fuels are expected to drive tremendous demand for oil in the near future, owing to the growth of the global robotic drilling market.

Additionally, the onshore robotic drilling activity tends to extremely cost-effective as compared to offshore fields. The automation, new methods of improving oil-recovery efficiency, and growing switch to natural gas as a fuel worldwide are expected to fuel this growth further. The low levels of current automation present a major avenue for growth for global the robotic drilling market.

  • Aerospace Industry

The complexity of designs and the necessity for precision and control makes robotic drilling essential in the aerospace industry. The rising space exploration projects are expected to fuel growth of the global robotic drilling market. Many countries including Russian, China, India, and the United States are exploring various outer planets for study, exploration, and potential opportunities for future. Countries like India and China have also invested in space programs heavily to launch satellites for private companies to improve communication in a cost-effective manner. The growing opportunities in this field and rising worldwide attention are expected to fuel growth of the global robotic drilling market in this arena.

Extreme Environments Drive Growth of the Robotic Drilling Market

The global robotic drilling market is expected to witness robust growth in North America. The harsh conditions in Alaska, projections of large oil and gas reserves in the region, and the United States initiative to lower its dependence on crude oil supply are expected to drive growth of the robotic drilling market. The harsh weather in regions like Alaska, Middle East make it essential to deploy automated robotic drilling systems. These systems are expected to create several higher revenue generating opportunities for players in the global robotic drilling market, while also increasing initial investments significantly in the near future.

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