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AI versus Doctors – Reality versus Hype

Artificial Intelligence is seeping into varied industry verticals, transforming the business landscape forever. And, from what is visible right now, healthcare is no different. But can machines replace humans? To be honest, not anytime soon, not in healthcare. But, it is not wrong to say that they can smoothen processes and help humans arrive to better and more accurate results.

For instance, it is seen that AI is better at reading mammograms. And, it is thus paving way for aiding doctors in the coming years in a big way. In a recent research by Google and certain United States-based medical centers, it is clearly visible.

About the Study:

It shows that Artificial Intelligence is quite accurate in terms of reading mammograms. And, an extension of the study, dealing with reading breast X-rays is the next thing under development. Here, it is quite obvious that Google is venturing into the medicine business hammer and tongs.

What is happening is that training for computers is ongoing at war scale. The sim behind the move is to ensure better pattern recognition by the machine. Besides, this way, machines interpret images better.

Here, google is creating algorithms that work with a wide array of scans and tests. Some of these include eye diseases diagnosis, CT scans and cancer detection in slides.

As per Dr. Constance Lehman, Director-Breast Imaging at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, it is a great move forward. And, he states that while challenges exist, the leap is huge. He explains that during tests, new AI system shows better outcomes than radiologists do. In fact, studies pouring in from the United States of America, false negatives fell by 9.4%.

Indeed, this is a blessing for people carrying lumps in breasts as it reduces a normal reading of the cancer. On the other hand, it provides lowering of false positives as well – by a 5.7%.

More details about the research are present in the journal – Nature.

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