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Deepfake Technology – The Latest in AI, Implications and Beyond

New Technology emerging every day is common today. And, as the world welcomes advancement in the sphere with open arms, unignorable advantages accrue. Besides, a more modern living becomes a possibility.

But, the threat landscape is evolving and getting more complex with time. And, this is paving the way for inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The reason is clear – it acts as a security stable in the highly digitized world. Besides, cloud computing plays a very significant role in the scheme of things here.

However, it is noteworthy that AI is quite susceptible to manipulation. And, quite often, it negatively affects enterprises. Thus, it is no surprise that numerous hackers today are able to create attacks that are super sophisticated. The big credit goes to the susceptibility of AI technology.

One of the biggest issues with the AI technology is reveals in deepfakes.

Deepfakes – The Misuse of Technology

One of the biggest criticism of technology comes from it being so vulnerable to deepfakes. What are these, one may ask? Often in news these days, deepfakes are manipulations to AI technology. Here, it is noteworthy that as per experts, these will lay the foundation for the biggest data breach in the foreseeable future.

Basically, it leads to creation of fakes that are so real – be it images, videos, audios, that machines are fooled. This flawless mimicry is scary and a big aid to cybercriminals. Imagine giving internet trolls power to manipulate systems like medical, educational and so on. Governments come under threat and Orwellian dystopia becomes real.

This is exactly why the technology needs to be secure, away from wrong hands. And, the need is dire at this point. Besides, it goes without saying that it is time for many enterprises to wake up from the slumber. And, they should take the challenge head on.


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