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Disruptive Technologies: Role of AI and 5G over the Next Decade

Intelligence of Things over Internet of Things is set to mark the technology landscape, making AI a critical force. That means that from commerce to culture, AI with 5G play significant roles. And, it is not hard to see the reasons that drive this growth. Firstly, the rise of connected living is a big factor. From homes to cars and so much more, control is rDisruptive Technologiesemote and based on artificial intelligence, making 5G significant.

Understanding the Disruption:

As per Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the connectivity agenda is leading to 5G hike for over 50 networks across the globe. And, all this is set to happen before Marque Consumer Electronics event. Here, it is noteworthy that the event is called CES 2020.

Besides, major trends that are factoring in to the growth of these technologies in the decade to come are numerous. For instance, there is electrification of vehicles, rise in demand for in-vehicle entertainment, and wars of content streaming. Additionally, there is also the factor of digital health and its rising prevalence across the globe. It is noteworthy here that in terms of digital health, both telemedicine and fitness apps play a major role.

As per the Vice President of CTA, Steve Koeing, Intelligence of Things is redefining technology. And, it is clearly a significant shift from the last decade that spotlighted Internet of Things. As connected intelligence takes up device ecosystems, the universe is up for a massive change. What this translates to is – intelligent spaces every step of the way. And, once again, it goes without saying that innovation and advancing 5G technology are major forces.

In terms of 5G, it is noteworthy that IoT deployment in agriculture, building, logistics, metering, etc, will create new benchmarks. This is also true for the case of fleet management and tracking of vehicles and shipments.

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