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Placing Robotics in Healthcare

Humans are witnessing increase in penetration of robotics in their everyday lives. From greeting and meeting customers to taking care of the elderly, robots, today are playing multiple roles. Thus, it is not surprising at all that in hospitals too, they are ready to make a mark. And, it is all a result of roboticists setting new benchmarks in terms of designs and technology advancement and integration.
As a result, robots are not just helping in reducing stress and providing care but also they are more lifelike. Besides, the strength and precision that is now possible with the robots is quite admirable. Additionally, they are smart enough to comprehend human needs, on a very intimate level.

The Context – Robotics in Industrial Set-up

Here, it is noteworthy that hard robotics are becoming more popular and are seen more than ever before. Hard robots use metals and hard plastics in their formation. And, due to these materials, they fit the bill for use in industrial jobs. Majorly, the fit is a result of strength, precision, and equipment to aid strenuous tasks.

At such places, these robots are critical as they protect human resources from potential danger. How, one may ask? For one, they reduce and sometimes even eliminate the need of human beings in dangerous places. Thus, it is a solution for industries, warehouses, etc. that is both smart as well as cost effective.

The Future of Healthcare – Robotics in Patient Care and Drug Administration

The same efficiency and precision is called for in healthcare for services such as nursing, and so on. The only way forward in this area, though, is to ensure interactive robots. Because, only once such robots exist, carefully designed to carry tasks with high accuracy, can one envisage a robotic healthcare.
This is achievable with soft robotics.

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