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Technology Can Help Water Conservation, Says the Resarchsers

Underground water management is the most crucial and highly talked issue today. Though the issue is simple, it majorly influences the economy of the district or the nation. However, there are not many developments that are actually supporting effective management strategies at present. The challenge arises when the water level in Ogallala Aquifer goes down due to excessive irrigation by the farmers. This concern has stimulated state and federal governments to develop an effective solution for the locals.

A researcher from Kansas State University is working on the development of effective strategies that can help the locals to use the groundwater optimally. According to Stephen Lauer, technology can be the key to manage groundwater effectively. Laurer is the head of the survey and a doctoral candidate at Kansas State University. He states that technology along with efforts from several organizations working for the interest of the environment can help the locals to tackle the problem of water scarcity.

What Does the Research Explain?

Laurer’s research addresses the degree of the water scarcity condition. Moreover, the survey also points out the benefits of the commutative efforts from local farmers and state and federal agencies. Moreover, the research also elaborates on the importance of awareness programs that can help farmers preserve water. To have precise data, Laurer interviewed 1,226 producers which helped him to develop a case study. This case study helps Laurer to understand the impact of technology on water conservation.

Post survey it was discovered that farmers are already using techniques to preserve water. However, they have now reached their limit. Moreover, the survey also reveals that farmers are ready to adopt technology that can help them improve their production without wasting more water.

To accomplish this goal, the Division of Water Resources and Kansas Water Office are developing water preserving technologies for the coming future.


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